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US Embassy
"Civil Rights Movement" - one of the most important movements which accomplished its goal of ending legalized racial segregation and discrimination laws in the United States and secured the legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the United States Constitution and federal law. Illustration done for 50th Anniversary showing great activists. Done with Good Looking Studio for US Embassy in Warsaw.
The Art Of Self-Defense
A Film by Riley Stearns The Art Of Self-Defense Created with
Netflix: Stranger Things
Created together with Netflix, the poster promoting the Stranger Things series - Chapter One: The Vanishing Of Will Byers. As one of 17 people from all over the globe, I represented Poland.
Magnolia Park Streetball
Illustration made with Good Looking Studio for Magnolia Park
Obywatel MC: Stardust
Poster done for art exhibition combined with the premiere of Obywatel MC newest album called „Stardust”.
Miuosh - Corona EP
Graphic design for the music publishing for polish rapper Miuosh - Corona.
Abradab - 048
Cd cover done for polish rapper Abradab - The member of Kaliber 44, and one of precursors of polish rap scene in Poland. Logotype - Kamil Gajewski, photos - Lukasz Siekanowicz, illustration - Amadeusz Mierzwa
Phenotype: Stage 9-2
Apparel designs done for polish streetwear brand called Phenotype.
EB Tymczasem
Lettering designed for the EB Tymczasem campaign under the leadership of K. Wullert and Agencja Eventowa LIVE - LIVE is Event
Alpro: 100% Flora
Mural project done for Danone campaign to promote Alpro brand with a help of a vegan influencer - Juszes. Warsaw 2019.
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